Alleged Sexual Abuse: Parents Demand N100m Compensation From Deeper Life School



Parents of the victim of alleged sexual abuse at the Deeper Life High School in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital have written to the school authority demanding N100m compensation for the abuse of their eleven-year-old son, Don Davis.

The demand was contained in a letter by Mr. and Mrs. Archibong titled “Gross child abuse, palpable molestation, serial bullying, criminal starvation, malicious oppression, and dubious maltreatment of Master Don-Davies Archibong (11 years old) by the Principal and Boarding Master, of Deeper Life Secondary School, Uyo.’
Dated December 22, 2020, the letter was sent to the school’s principal through their solicitors, Eagle-Eyes Network Chambers.

The letter gave the school 21 days to pay the N100m compensation.

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“We are solicitors to Mr. and Mrs, Iniobong Archibong, resident in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, and hereinafter referred to as our client. We have the firm explicit and unequivocal instructions to write to you on the above subject matter.”The letter stated.

It continued “It is indeed provocatively heartbroken, morally suicidal and religiously hypocritical that our client’s 11-year-old son was torrentially bombarded with physical and inhuman torture of debilitating dimension with resultant castration of his human person, dignity and childhood innocence.”

“We respectfully demand the payment of N100,000,000 within 21 days of the receipt of this letter as compensation to assuage the dehumanising, horrendous torture and indignity our client’s son was subjected to and for his medical checkup and medication.”

“We demand that Deeper Life High School, Idoro, Uyo, publish an unreserved apology to our clients in two national Newspapers; PUNCH, THISDAY, and any other two local newspapers circulated within Akwa Ibom State and its environs.”

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