Elvina Ibru, Ali Baba Share Experience After Testing Positive To COVID-19

Elvina Ibru and Ali Baba


Elvina Ibru and veteran comedian Alibaba have shared their experience after testing positive to COVID-19.

They both shared separate videos of them in isolation and advised Nigerians to take COVID-19 precautions seriously.

Elvina Ibru in her video which was posted on her Instagram handle said despite been extremely cautious and avoiding large gatherings she got infected with the virus.

“Corona is real. Yes, I have Corona. I, Elvina Baby Ibru, have Corona. I can’t hug my son, my sisters. I can’t hug them,” she said but added that she is recovering fast that her immune system is strong.

She also shared videos of her medications and cautioned those shaming victims of the infection to desist from such.

Watch the video below…



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Alibaba who spent his Christmas and New Year holidays in isolation also on Instagram shared narrating his experience.

He called on everyone to take precautions, saying, “COVID is real. And my sympathy goes to those who have lost loved ones within the period that this COVID has come to Nigeria. Now please be aware that the next wave of COVID is deadlier, this strain of COVID is deadlier than the one that had come before because it’s mutating.”

While sharing the video on Instagram he said, “Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a scam. I just came out of isolation. Several people died while I was there. Some of my close friends knew and they were very supportive.”

Watch the video below:



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